3 Gut-Approved Ear Infection Remedies to Try Before the Antibiotic

What is the Herxheimer Reaction?

If your dog suffers from ear infections, you're not alone. And while antibiotics are often prescribed as a treatment, they're not always necessary. In fact, using antibiotics frequently can set your dog's gut up for a dismal future by destroying the good bacteria along with the bad.

So, before resorting to antibiotics, here are five gut-approved ear infection remedies you can try:

1. Verytercin
Vetericyn Plus All Animal Ear Rinse is a safe and natural way to relieve itching, irritation, and inflammation in your dog's ears. It uses hypochlorous acid technology to treat infections and prevent future ones. It is advertised as "wound care," but can be used anywhere, and is particularly helpful as ear-infection relief.

2. Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution
This wash and dry solution work together to clean and soothe your dog's ears. The wash contains natural ingredients like chamomile and yucca to soothe the skin, while the dry solution contains natural ingredients like calendula and clove oil to relieve pain and inflammation. Don't clean the ears before using Zymox.

3. 4-Legger Lemongrass & Aloe Organic Dog Shampoo
If your dog is very yeasty (not typical, but can happen after many years of kibble every day) there can be some residual purging during the detox period. This can cause ear infections despite being a sign that detox is working. Bathing your pup with an antimicrobial rinse such as this one can help quite a bit. 

Ear infections are no joke, and can happen, (maybe even should) during the detox period of the Wild Biome Protocol.

Before resorting to antibiotics when poor pup seems to be in pain, try these ear infection remedies, and remember two things: detox is good, and antibiotics will set the whole process back at zero. 

Ask us for any help you need along your Protocol journey, and our nutritionists will help out!

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