Protocol Introduction

So Your Dog Is Sick

You’re not alone.

Damaged microbiomes, unbelievable amounts of inflammation and poor immune systems are becoming the norm. What is happening?!

Well, you’re not to blame either. You’re a good pet parent. It’s food and medications that are to blame.

The simple answer: the pet industry has followed the money to the cheapest and most marketable ingredients - the ones slowly attacking your dog with every bowl.


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The Protocol - An Overview

This Starter Kit Protocol breaks down in three key phases known as the Therapeutic Stage:

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Phase 1: Diet Transition

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Phase 2: Coconut Therapy

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Phase 3: Repopulation

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Maintenance: Gut Resilience

Here are 3 🔑 keys to promote long-term overall health as you move from the therapeutic stage of this Protocol to the Gut Resilience stage:

Here’s what Samantha Henson (our lead pet nutritionist) has to say about maintaining a balanced gut:

“My dogs don't go a day without a maintenance-grade probiotic…maintaining the gut microbiome is the easiest, most affordable form of preventative care that I can think of.”

You’ve done the hard work of eliminating yeast cells, now maximize the effects of a healthy, wild gut biome by extending that good health years into the future.

Ready, set, go.

Other Gut Resilience FAQ's

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You Got This

Get your pup's gut back to its healthiest, wildest state.