How it Works

No more band-aid solutions. We guarantee a gut that is fully transitioned to its natural, wild state, and a lifetime of lasting benefits.

Phase 1: Diet Transition

Switch out your old food for a personalized and gut-approved food that won't grow yeast.

Phase 2: Coconut Therapy

Eliminate excess yeast from the gut using our powerful MCT-3 Oil. Kills bad bacteria, leaves the good.

Phase 3: Bacteria Repopulation + Maintenance

Replace the missing yeast cells with billions of the right bacteria using our pre/probiotic and enzyme blend DT-Synbiotic 1.

Healing your dog’s gut isn’t rocket science, but it does take time.

1. Introduce us

Help us understand your dog’s symptoms and background to determine whether an imbalanced gut is the issue.

2. Get Your Protocol

Our team of nutritionists uses every unique data point to individualize your dog’s plan based on his specific, current and recurring needs.

3. Follow the Steps

We guide you through the simple, 12-week protocol to first reset and then revive your dog’s gut microbiome. You do the scoops, we do the rest.

Included In Your Protocol

Diet Recommendations

An individual evaluation and recommendation list, on us!

12 Week Guide

Custom instructions to ensure a smooth transition at each step.

The "Revive Kit"

All the products necessary to revive your pup’s gut.

Nutritionist Team

Ongoing support and expertise,every step of the way.

If you aren't happy with your results after the 12 week protocol, we will happily refund your starter kit.

How to Start

The road to healthy, for good.

Give Us The Scoop

Tell us a bit about Fido’s background and health history so we can determine whether you’re barking up the right tree. Everything from age to antibiotics is relevant.  

For Your Dog, By Our Experts

Our nutritionists have everything they need to develop the perfect recipe for your pup’s long-term gut success.

Get Your Pup's Protocol

When you’re done with your quiz, our nutritionists have everything they need to develop the exact protocol for your pup’s gut revival. 

12 Weeks to Wild

You’ll receive your Protocol along with detailed and simple instructions on bringing your pup’s gut back to life. Here’s a hint on the difficulty level of the protocol: all you do is scoop.

A Complex Process, Made Simple.

We’ve taken care of all the nerdy stuff, so you don’t have to.

Each component of your Protocol is designed to be sustainable for your dog’s body and for our earth.

Start Now $1.66/Day

Months 1-3: Starter Kit

Customized diet recommendations
12-Week Guide
MCT-3 Oil
DT-Synbiotic 1
Access to team of pet nutritionists

Months  4+: Maintenance Refills

DTS1 30-day supply pouches (powder)

Start By Taking the Quiz

The Benefits of Balance

A balanced gut is key to a balanced body. Here are just a few examples that demonstrate wild benefits beyond the stomach lining:

Reduced Stress

Immunity Boost

Health + Breath


Nutrient Absorption
+ Hydration

"If your dog is biting their paws and side, or always licking their butt and beyond, your prayers have been answered."

-Ted’s Mom

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